Vipe equipment picks berries gently, separating garbage from the berries. The device has been developed especially for species that are difficult to pick by hand. The berries are sucked into a berry tank through a nozzle. The berries reach the tank almost clean and intact and can be easily removed from there. Leaves and dirt get separated into a garbage bin. The efficiency of separation can be changed by adjusting the bypass holes on the the lid of the tank.

Depending on the model and the berries picked, 1-8 people can work a single separation unit.

Bushes do not get damaged during the picking and it can be performed with safety gloves.

The separator operates by suction power. This requires an external vacuum.

Vipe equipment is proven to work with buckthorn, currants and gooseberries. (watch video)


The berry species picked

capacity / picker

Sea buckthorn

2,5 - 12 kg/hour

Red currant

8 - 14 kg/hour

Black currant

8 - 14 kg/hour

Goose berry

8 - 14 kg/hour

Vipe-separator is suitable for cleaning lingonberry and cranberry. (watch video)